The Very Hungary Caterpiller

The Very Hungary Caterpiller


Old books re-purposed into one-of-a-kind journals and sketchbooks. This book is a few steps away from being the perfect journal/sketchbook. Pick the book, add to cart, pick the paper, and relax. We’ll take care of the rest.

- Salvaged pages included in new journal

  • Salvaged pages will include selected chapters and illustrations from original book.

  • Dimensions 11.5”W X 8.5”H

  • Metal Twin-Loop Binding

  • Copyright 1987

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Rescued… Each unique journal begins as a vintage book that is rescued from thrift shops, garage sales, flea markets, or anywhere else forgotten books may dwell. Often times these books are abandoned, overlooked, abused, and seem to be damaged beyond repair. Each one, deemed worthless of any monetary value, is found collecting dust, with torn pages, water damaged chapters, and ripped spines. Oh what a mess, but the beauty and purpose for the creation remains…even in the mess.

Redeemed… On the road to restoration, each book is broken down. The cover remains unaltered, but the contents of the book are soon to be transformed. The damaged pages are removed and replaced with approximately 80 pages of 24lb high-quality journal paper perfect for sketching and journaling on both sides with no bleed-through. Original, undamaged pages of the book are included in the journal. The book is cleaned and rebound with a twin loop metal coil that allows the book to easily lay flat. The vintage book is restored completely by hand, not to its former self, but redeemed for a new purpose.

It is our hope that this journal inspires you to write, create, draw, journal, or even jot down lists to keep you organized! But more importantly, it is our hope that this journal will remind you that we are all a dirty, broken, damaged mess! But we can be made clean, transformed, and given a new purpose, rescued and redeemed by the loving hands of the One who always finds beauty in His creations.