Frequently Asked Questions

I have some books i'd like made into ya'll do that?

Yes!  We have custom made hundreds of journals out of customer owned books. Click on “Customer Owned Books” to learn more about the procedure and pricing for transforming your books into a Revival Journal.

I can't find the right "made to order" book from the Journal Builder. Can I make a special request?

Does Smokey the Bear like to prevent wild fires?  Just "Contact Us" and let us know what you want and we'll do our best to make it happen!

What are the journals sizes?

I don’t measure every book so there may be slight variation on the size. I’m basically eyeballing the height, but the size should be close. Just because I have a sketch category doesn’t mean you can’t put sketch paper in the smaller ones. It does mean only sketch paper is available for that size.

Small - Up to approximately 5.5” in height

Standard - Approximately 5.5” to 9” in height

Large - Approximately 9” to 12”

Sketch - Greater than 12”

Do you wholesale journals?

Yes, kinda.  I rarely have enough inventory to keep up with my retail sales on the website, our physical location and festivals. That being said, I do have a couple of programs you may be interested in trying.  Send an email via the "Contact Us" page and we'll be glad to visit with you about partnering with our business. You won’t be sorry. 

Where are you located? I did not see your sign.

We are located in the C&C Mercantile and Lighting building at 2430 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana. The sign in front says C&C Electric. There is lots of stuff to see besides Revival Journals. You’ll be glad you stopped by the shop. Hours are at the bottom of the web pages.

I found an offensive word or phrase in some of the content left in the journal from the original book!  What should i do?

Nobody is perfect!  We do the best we can to screen the content. The purpose of leaving salvaged material is to maintain the history and character of the original book. If you are offended by something please tear the page out and throw it in the trash with our sincerest apologies.

What is your return policy?

If for some reason you don’t like the journal please “contact us” to get the issue resolved. Please remember, the journals were made from old books. That is what is so cool about them. They’ve been re-purposed. We take great care in making the product. We charge less than the actual shipping and handling costs. Generally, I will be glad to refund you the cost of the journal if it’s simply not up to your standard. WE DO NOT PAY FOR RETURN SHIPPING.

you didn't answer my email or phone message within five minutes. What's going on?

We are a small, family owned business.  We have five kids and a dog but we don't have an administrative assistant.  Buy more journals and maybe we can afford one.  But seriously, if you have a problem, you can rest assured we are going to resolve it. If you have a request we are going to do our best to make it happen.  We will get in touch as soon as possible.